A Dharmafunding campaign
A Dharmafunding campaign

We are a group of about 20 happy and confident practitioners, transforming the publisher Assertiva Mindfulness Editora (Assertive Mindfulness Editing – AME in english means “LOVE”) into a collective project. In 2021, we will launch two new Tarchin Hearn titles: “Meditative First Aid” and “Natural Awakening”. We will also reissue the book True Refuge, now with bigger letters, for greater legibility, by the same author.

But to bring these gems to life, we need your help. Your support will make the continuity of the teachings possible and grow this community of people in Brazil who are engaged in a better and healthier life and world.

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2021 releases
with your support, these inspiring readings will be available in Brazil

Meditative First Aid

In this book, Tarchin outlines the top 10 techniques he recommends for self-healing, especially relevant today.

Natural Awakening

Tarchin encourages us to develop friendship and interest in each moment of life and invites us to immerse ourselves in what he calls “the practice of what is already here”.

True Refuge (new edition)

This book explores the question: How do we feel at home, at ease, wherever we are in this vast world, at any time?

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Meditative First Aid
Natural Awakening
True Refuge

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titles already published by AME
AME was born with the purpose of publishing works that support students, practitioners and instructors of mindfulness and Dharma in Brazil. It was never a commercial project, but emerged from a deep and sincere aspiration. Today we have 7 titles released, including “Breathing – the natural way to meditate”, “Cycle of Samatha” and “Satipaṭṭhāna – Foundations of Mindfulness”, all by Tarchin Hearn. And we still have soooo many beautiful projects ahead.

Tales of Awakening (part 1)

This is the first part of a compilation of short tales written by Namgyal Rinpoche’s direct students about stories lived with him.

Walking in Wisdom

 Walking in wisdom is a powerful practice, shared here with beauty and generosity.


A succinct and direct teaching of the Buddha for the cultivation of mindfulness and the understanding of well-being, which can be applied to the human experience in any culture.

Daily Puja

Puja means honoring or venerating. With these contemplations, we honor the mystery of life and renew our intention to live in a sane, healthy and compassionate way.

Breathing – the natural way to meditate

In this book, we get to know the Anapanasati Sutta, one of the fundamental texts that guide the practice of secular mindfulness, commented on from a perspective of the profound ecology of being.

Cycle of Samatha

Cycle of Samatha encourages us to let go of our deeply rooted habit of being a spectator and enter the flow of life.